Energize your company’s talent acquisition team with AliroVets Employment Referral Platform which facilitates faster hiring and higher quality candidates.

Our Database

AliroVets is home to a community of potential referrers and candidates; all with a diverse set of skills and relevant experience.  Let us help your organization build and actively engage your employees.  AliroVets also connection you to a Veteran community, actively helping other Veterans or their spouses find meaningful employment opportunities with Military friendly brands.

Our Technology

The AliroVets proprietary AI, AliroMATCH, intelligently matches and engages referrers and candidates with relevant job opportunities.  The AliroVets sophisticated search algorithms and advanced analytics, combined with the power of your employees, help you target and engage the right, top Veteran talent quickly and effortlessly.  

Military Veteran Community

AliroVets is the only comprehensive referral based platform designed to support companies that want to increase their military hiring.  Aliro Vets targets transitioning service members and their spouses.  We call it Veterans and the Military Connected Community (VMCC).

Nearly half of Veterans find their experiences aren’t understood or valued by civilian hiring managers. Veterans aren’t connecting with the right people, AliroVets solves that problem

Referrals are a much better way to hire: they’re more cost-effective, quicker to hire, and have superior retention rates to non-referral hires.”

Bob Archibald

CEO, Aliro Group

Job Boards

Career Sites

Job Referrals

% of hires via different sources via ‘jobvite’

Community Engagement

Our ability to offer monetary campaigns along with a awards and recognition program, helps to incentivize your employees to engage and refer their family & friends who they served with. The AliroVets automated notification system keeps the referrer and candidate informed throughout the process.  AliroVets tracks, manages and reports all referral activity for our customers in a simple analytics dashboard. 

Customer Success Team

AliroVets has you covered with a excellent Customer Success Team that who is actively engaged with your talent acquisition team.  We’re with you from on-boarding through final candidate dispositioning. In addition our excellent customer support, ask about our ForceX (Force Multiplier) services.  

AliroVets Customer Success Team continually and proactively coordinates with our users and customers to recommend platform enhancements making sure we evolve together.   

Native Mobile App

Aliro mobile apps for Apple iOS and Android,- available for download  in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, seamlessly connect to all social media outlets as well as text messaging.

AliroVets Software as a Service, SaaS platform, and can be branded and deployed within 7 to 10 with most customers, whether it is a team of 100 or 100,000.  Let us help you engage and reward your military ecosystem for quality referrals.

Optimize your Veteran Engagement Efforts!

The AliroVets platform helps companies leverage the power of your employees and the AliroVets military ecosystem to fill your job openings.

Our automated job-referral engagement engine manages the referral process from the very beginning with personalized emails and reminders to the referrers and candidates. With the AliroVets dashboard you can track referral status, manage referral bonuses and distribute referral bonus payments if offered.

What is AliroMATCH?

AliroVets is harnessing the power of AI to deliver results Intelligently matches candidates/referrers to jobs Improved and targeted job searching capabilities for both your employees and candidates

Standalone AliroMATCH Service

AliroMatch combines job search and candidate matching with your ATS data into an instant marketing outreach solution and evolves with your growing needs.  Sophisticated AI paired with proprietary AliroMatch algorithms pulls data from you job postings and automatically pairs them to qualified candidate profiles.  Enhanced features such as commute times and profile searches make for an unparalleled user experience.

Veteran Engagement Service

The AliroVets Veteran Engagement Service, ForceX is designed to Support / Engage / Attract / Retain.  It is uniquely designed to help you begin or improve a best in class military hiring initiative or program.  AliroVets will perform a holistic review of all your veteran hiring initiatives. We will help with the branding efforts based on best-in-class practices and resources. We will help our customers design, build and implement a custom solution for their organization. The Veteran Engagement Service is usually delivered in parallel with the Aliro onboarding process. The benefit is a comprehensive accelerated Veteran referral hiring and outreach initiative.

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